Fragile Soul is a modern mix of soulful heartfelt vocals with blues and folk rock influences. Being compared to City and Colour, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kings of Leon they bring a unique energy that resonates with their audience. 

Fragile Soul started in 2014 with Rodney Golson, Lead Vocal, and Pablo Baldetti, Vocals and Guitar, playing acoustic folk music in the park. Using deep lyrics and beautiful harmonies they began to craft music that bared their own truths. As a duo, their talents were recognized in Three Oaks, Michigan, when they won the Acorn Theater’s 2015 Singer-Songwriter Contest. 

In 2016, they began to expand their sound musically adding a drummer, Daniel Deleon, and trending toward a folk and blues rock sound while maintaining depth to the lyricism. Showcased in the groups 2016 single release “Black Beauty”.    

Since then the group has continued to build their sound, using the music and lyrics to paint vivid images and bring their audience into their story. In July of 2018, they released their EP “The Runaway” to showcase their full blues rock sound.